Nyxia uprising / Scott Reintgen
Libro | Ember | 2020

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361 pages ; 21 cm.
Nyxia triad ; bk.3.
Reintgen, Scott. Nyxia triad ; 3.
The Genesis team may have been brought to Eden as Babel's unsuspecting pawns, but they refuse to be sacrificed in this winner-take-all game. Thanks to their secret alliance with Eden's indigenous population, they know something Babel doesn't.This world is coming to an end.But Emmett and the Genesis team lost their secret advantage when their escape route was destroyed, leaving them stranded on the dying planet with their adversary. They must find a way to win one final battle for control of the Genesis ships--or they'll lose Babel's twisted game once and for all. This is their last chance to rise.
Nutmeg Book Award nominee, Grade 7-8 Middle School, 2021.
9780399556906 (paperback)
0399556907 (paperback)
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