Calm the h*ck down : how to let go and lighten up about parenting / Melanie Dale
Book | Atria Paperback | 2020 | First Atria Paperback edition.

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First Atria Paperback edition.
viii, 276 pages ; 22 cm
Calm the h*ck down: lighten up about expectations -- I'm sorry for raising monsters: lighten up about behavior -- Talking is hard: lighten up about words -- But what if I want to miss part of my kid's childhood?: lighten up about work -- Can everyone please notice how awesome I am?: lighten up about yourself -- Sleep, eat, poop, repeat: lighten up about bodily functions -- Mommy needs a time-out: lighten up about feelings -- People are super awkward, including you: lighten up about friends -- What happens in the backpack stays in the backpack: lighten up about school -- Go team win the sportsball!: lighten up about activities -- Celebrate good times, or don't: lighten up about making memories -- When armpits awaken: lighten up about big kids -- I hope I still like you after they're gone: lighten up about marriage -- "Mom, you only had sex the one time, right?": lighten up about sex -- I worry my kids will be satanists: lighten up about belief -- This too shall pass: lighten up about the future -- The lighten up guidelines for laughing at life.
A humorous parenting book that teaches parents how to reduce the stress of raising children by lightening up.
You thought you'd be an amazing parent. Now you spend what little free time you have comparing yourself to other parents, comparing your kids to other kids, and panicking that everyone else is nailing it. Dale believes we are all putting too much pressure on ourselves and our kids to be perfect. Instead, she argues, we need to lighten up about every aspect of parenting. From poopy diapers and germs to family vacations and adolescent angst, Dale tells us to relax, live in the present, and enjoy this journey called parenting. -- adapted from back cover
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Calm the heck down
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