Hidden cameras : everything you need to know about covert recording, undercover cameras and secret filming / Joe Plomin
E-Book | Jessica Kingsley Publishers | 2016

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Introduction. 1. How Did We Get Here?: The History of Covert Recording. Undercover Tales: Real Families Doing Secret Filming. 2. 'Proper' Secret Cameras: Secret Filming Using a Covert Camera. Undercover Tales: Eek! Nearly Being Discovered. 3. Using a Phone Camera, Secretly: Covert Recording Using a Mobile or Cellular Telephone. Undercover Tales: Sneaky Phone Filming. 4. Do You Really Have To?: Ethical Dilemmas -- Privacy, the Public Interest and Deception. Undercover Tales: Victorian Infiltrations: Heroes and Anti-Heroes. 5. Do People Get in Trouble?: Secret Filming and the Law. Undercover Tales: Whistleblowers: Threats and Fears. 6. What You Don't Realise ... : The Challenges That Most Often Surprise People. Undercover Tales: Stories of Physical and Emotional Pain. 7. What Do You Do With It?: What Happens Next, After the Camera is Switched Off. Undercover Tales: Secret Filming in Care Homes. 8. How's It Gonna End?: The Next Generation of Covert Cameras, and the Future of Secret Filming. Undercover Tales: Back to the Future: Old Problems, New Cameras.
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Providing authoritative information on the practicalities of using hidden cameras to expose abuse or wrongdoing, this book is vital reading for anyone who may use or encounter secret filming. It gives specific advice on using phones or covert cameras and unravels the complex legal and ethical issues that need to be considered.
Includes bibliographical references.
In English.
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Print version: 9781849056434
9781784501365 (electronic book)
1784501360 (electronic book)
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