To the edge of sorrow / Aharon Appelfeld ; translated from the Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman
Large Print Book | Thorndike Press | 2020 | Large print.

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"Originally published in Israel as Ad Khod Hatza'ar by Kinneret, Zmora- Bitan, Dvir Publishing House Ltd., Or Yehuda, in 2012" -- Verso title page.
"Battling numbing cold, ever-present hunger, and German soldiers determined to hunt them down, four dozen resistance fighters--escapees from a nearby ghetto--hide in a Ukrainian forest, determined to survive the war, sabotage the German war effort, and rescue as many Jews as they can from the trains taking them to concentration camps. Their leader is relentless in his efforts to turn his ragtag band of men and boys into a disciplined force that accomplishes its goals without losing its moral compass. Andso when they're not raiding peasants' homes for food and supplies, or training with the weapons taken from the soldiers they have ambushed and killed, the partisans read books of faith and philosophy that they have rescued from abandoned Jewish homes, andthey draw strength from the women, the elderly, and the remarkably resilient orphaned children they are protecting. When they hear about the advances being made by the Soviet Army, the partisans prepare for what they know will be a furious attack on their compound by the retreating Germans. In the heartbreaking aftermath, the survivors emerge from the forest to bury their dead, care for their wounded, and grimly confront a world that is surprised by their existence--and profoundly unwelcoming"-- Provided by publisher.
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°Ad ḥod ha-tsa°ar. English
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