Saving the last rhinos
Book | Pegasus Books | 2020

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xv, 336 pages illustrations. 24cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 318-319) and index.
Prologue--Goats and Growing up--Hunting for the right answers--Wild lesson, wild men, wild coast--goats and the sons of Shaka--A is for Amakhala--The big five--A miracle of life--Geza, the naughty one--The last stand--The end of the farm--Rhino art-drawing for the species survival--voices of the future--The horn market of the world--The Hague--Rumble in the jungle--Parc de la N'sele--The heart of Africa--Tumble in the jungle--Saddling up for new solutions--Hooves for horns--Riding for rhinos--Was it eco-scamming?--Humble in the jungle--At Congo's coalface--Walking with giants--Land made in anger--Wild at heart--Loziba-An African dream--The warrior Ethos--The will of the people--Ghost riders in the sky--A prince of the people--When Harry met Bill--Visions of the Future--Glossary--Charities and NGOs--Index.
The remarkable story of Grant Fowlds, who has dedicated his life to saving the imperiled rhinos, vividly told with Graham Spence, co- author of the bestselling The Elephant Whisperer. Growing up on a farm in the eastern Cape of South Africa, Grant developed a deep love of nature, turning his back on the hunting to focus on saving wildlife of all kinds and the environment that sustains both of them and us. He is a passionate conservationist who puts himself on the front line protecting rhinos in the wild-right now, against armed poachers- and in the long term, through his work with schoolchildren, communities, and policymakers, where the natural world and the lives of these incredible creatures need to be valued as priceless and irreplaceable wonders to ensure their protection.
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