Weird earth : debunking strange ideas about our planet / Donald R. Prothero
Book | Red Lightning Books | 2020

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xv, 293 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographic resources and index.
"Aliens. Ley lines. Water dowsing. Conspiracies and myths captivate imaginations and promise mystery and magic. Whether it's arguing about the moon landing hoax or a Frisbee-like Earth drifting through space, when held up to science and critical thinking, these ideas fall flat... In 'Weird Earth. Debunking Strange Ideas About Our Planet,' Donald R. Prothero demystifies these conspiracies and offers answers to some of humanity's most outlandish questions."--From publisher's description.
Foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Science and critical thinking -- The flat earth -- Ptolemy revisited -- The hollow earth -- Is the earth expanding? -- Did we really land on the Moon? -- Magnetic myths -- Earth-shaking myths -- Quacks and quakes -- Was there a great flood? -- Are dinosaurs faked? -- Is the earth only six thousand years old? -- Mysteries of Mount Shasta -- The myth of Atlantis -- The mysterious ley lines -- Crystal con artists -- Water witching -- Mysterious earth: why people want to believe weird things.
9781684350612 hardcover
1684350611 hardcover
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