Something happened to Ali Greenleaf / Hayley Krischer
Book | Razorbill | 2020
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328 pages ; 22 cm
Ages 14+. Razorbill.
Told from two viewpoints, Blythe promises to fix things after her best friend rapes naive Ali at a party, drawing her into the ruthless popular crowd while Ali is still reeling. Includes a list of resources for victims of assault.
Ali is bitingly funny, and a little naive. Blythe is the most popular girl in school. At a party, Ali finally make her move on Sean Nessel, her longtime crush, and the soccer team's superstar. But Sean pushes farther than she wants to go-- when she resists, he rapes her. Blythe knows how Sean treats girls, but when he begs her to help him, she can't resist. Blythe befriends Ali in an attempt to make things right with Sean, bringing Ali into a circle of ruthless popular girls, and sharing her own dark secrets. Their friendship might not be built to last, but it helps each of them find a way forward on their own terms. -- adapted from jacket
9780593114117 (hardcover)
0593114116 (hardcover)
9780593114124 (ebook)
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