Your voice is your superpower! : a beginner's guide to freedom of speech (and the First Amendment) / by Jessica and Sandy Bohrer
Book | City Point Press | 2020

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31 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references (page 31).
What is free speech and why is it so special? Your Voice is Your Superpower tells you why your voice matters and how you can use it and also why we must protect everyone's right to free speech. Everyone loves superheroes. Who doesn't? They're super! Some of them can fly. Some are strong. Some can become invisible. And some wear capes. But the thing that really makes them super is that they help people and change the world. And guess what? You have a superpower inside you. Your VOICE is your superpower. And because of a thing called freedom of speech, with that voice, you can express yourself, you can help people and you can change the world. Children get their values and learn what is important from their parents. Freedom of expression is one of those values - one that is perhaps more important than ever before. Free speech is necessary to maintain a democracy. Without it, people may be afraid to say what they think and believe, and will be unable to share their thoughts and beliefs with other people and the government. Freedom of expression also requires willing listeners, even to speech we may not want to hear. If we do not teach our children these basic values, and they neither speak nor listen to other points of view, and shout down those with whom they disagree, what will happen to our Republic? So we decided to write this book to help parents get their children started down the path to believing in the free and open exchange of ideas, thoughts and beliefs.
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