Shit, actually : the definitive, 100% objective guide to modern cinema / by Lindy West
Book | Hachette Books | 2020 | First edition.
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First edition.
xxiii, 243 pages ; 22 cm
The Fugitive is the only good movie : The Fugitive -- Shit, actually : Love Actually -- On marriage : Honey, I Shrunk the Kids -- Dude, you gotta stop listening to your mom : Forrest Gump -- Literally a bird's diary : The Notebook -- Harry plot hole : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- Big boy freaky friday : Face/Off -- Time travel doesn't make sense and I think we should make it illegal : Back to the Future Part II -- I'd prefer a highway away from the danger zone, but okay : Top Gun -- Fabrizio's last meatball : Titanic -- Dead man's pants : The Santa Clause -- Men yelling men yelling men yelling : The Rock -- ...Miami? : Bad Boys II -- The real monster is inspections : Jurassic Park -- No toucan will ever make ME have sex! : The Lion King -- Look at your little punk British ass : Rush Hour -- All the kissing in the world could not save it : Garden State -- Auf wiedersehen, kinderbjorn! : Terminator 2: Judgment Day -- Manual for shitheads : Reality Bites -- Never boring, always horny : Twilight -- Speed 2 is not canon : Speed -- The Shawnsnake redumptruck : The Shawshank Redemption -- Know your enemy : American Pie.
"New York Times opinion writer and best-selling author Lindy West was once the in-house movie critic for Seattle's alternative newsweekly The Stranger, where she covered film with brutal honesty and giddy irreverence. In Shit, Actually, Lindy returns to those roots, reexamining beloved and iconic movies from the past 40 years with an eye toward the big questions of our time: Is Twilight the horniest movie in history? Why do the zebras in The Lion King trust Mufasa - who is a lion - to look out for their best interests? Why did anyone bother making any more movies after The Fugitive achieved perfection? And, my god, why don't any of the women in Love, Actually ever fucking talk? From Forrest Gump, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and Bad Boys II, to Face/Off, Top Gun, and The Notebook, Lindy combines her razor-sharp wit and trademark humor with a genuine adoration for nostalgic trash to shed new critical light on some of our defining cultural touchstones - the stories we've long been telling ourselves about who we are. At once outrageously funny and piercingly incisive, Shit, Actually reminds us to pause and ask, "How does this movie hold up?", all while teaching us how to laugh at the things we love without ever letting them or ourselves off the hook."--Back cover
Reexamines iconic movies from the past forty years to identify laugh-worthy plot holes and fictional misrepresentations in such esteemed blockbusters as "Forrest Gump," "The Lion King," and "Top Gun."
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