Interior Chinatown / Charles Yu
Книга | Vintage | 2020

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288 pages ; 20 cm
Generic Asian man -- Int. Golden Palace -- Ethnic recurring -- Striving immigrant -- Kung fu dad -- The case of the missing Asian -- Ext. Chinatown.
"From the infinitely inventive author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe comes a deeply personal novel about race, pop culture, assimilation, and escaping the roles we are forced to play."-- Provided by publisher.
Every day Willis Wu leaves his tiny room in a Chinatown SRO and enters the Golden Palace restaurant, where Black and White, a procedural cop show, is in perpetual production. He's a bit player here too, but he dreams of being Kung Fu Guy-- and he sees his life as a script. After stumbling into the spotlight, Willis finds himself launched into a wider world than he has ever known, discovering not only the secret history of Chinatown, but the buried legacy of his own family, and what that means for him in today's America -- from publisher's description.
0307948471 (paperback)
9780307948472 (paperback)
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