What we didn't expect : personal stories about premature birth / edited by Melody Schreiber
Book | Melville House | 2020

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xvi, 207 pages ; 23 cm
Miracle baby / Becky Charniak -- Situationally broke / Ashley Franklin -- You're so lucky / Suzanne Kamata -- What genetics research doesn't prepare you for: premature twins / Dan Koboldt -- The other side / Sara Cohen -- Monstrous / Anne Theriault -- New Year's blessing / Shawn Spruce -- The still, small voice / Kelsey Osgood -- My cross-continental miracle / Rep. Pramila Jayapal -- What we made / Sara DiGregorio -- Mama knows best? / Melody Schreiber -- Aspirations / Jonathan Freeman-Coppadge -- Simon's story / Megan Walker -- An aunt in your corner / Maria Ramos-Chertok -- What I carry / Tyrese Coleman -- Destination: okay / Janine Kovac -- Past the limits / Manuel Hernandez.
"Ten percent of babies born in the U.S. are preemies. But that one word, "preemie," encompasses a range of medical and cultural experiences. There are textbooks, medical-ish guidebooks, and the occasional memoir to turn to ... but no book that collects personal experiences from the many people who have parented, cared for, or been preemies themselves. Until now. In What We Didn't Expect, journalist Melody Schreiber brings together a chorus of acclaimed writers and thinkers to share their diverse stories of having or being premature babies. The stories here cover everything from life-changing tests of faith to navigating the red tape of healthcare bureuacracy; from overcoming unimaginable grief to surviving and thriving against all odds. The result is a moving, heartfelt book, and a crucial and informative resource for anyone who has, or is about to have, the experience of dealing with a premature birth." --Amazon.com.
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What we did not expect
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