Olive Bright, Pigeoneer / Stephanie Graves
Book | Kensington Publishing Corp. | 2021 | First Kensington hardcover edition.
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First Kensington hardcover edition.
358 pages ; 22 cm
As London is strafed by German aircraft, the little village of Pipley in Hertfordshire bustles along much as it always has. Olive Bright fills her days by helping at her father's veterinary practice and tending to her racing pigeons, hoping that the National Pigeon Service will enlist Bright Lofts' expertise, and use their highly trained birds to deliver critical, coded messages for His Majesty's Forces. The strangers who arrive in Pipley are not from the NPS. Instead, Jameson Aldridge and his associate are tied to a covert British intelligence organization known as Baker Street. If Olive wants her pigeons to help the war effort, she must do so in complete secrecy. When local busybody Miss Husselbee is found dead outside Olive's pigeon loft. Is the murder tied to Olive's new assignment? -- adapted from jacket
9781496731517 (hardcover)
1496731514 (hardcover)
9781496731579 (ebook)
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