Single. On purpose : Find yourself first / John Kim
Book | HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers | 2021 | First edition.
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First edition.
ix, 236 pages ; 22 cm
"There's more to life than loving someone. But being single can feel like a death sentence. Why does being alone = being lonely? And why do we stop working on ourselves when we're in a relationship? After a painful divorce, "The Angry Therapist" John Kim realized he never truly been on his own. He went on a journey to rebuild his relationship with himself, going from alone and disconnected to alone and fulfilled. Kim has gone on to help thousands of clients find their own unique way to break free of expectations and finally live their truth. Spending time to cultivate your relationship with yourself shouldn't be something you only do when you hit rock bottom, go through a major loss, or have a quarter-life crisis. All of us, at some point, need to be single- on purpose."-- book jacket
The self (connecting back to you). How to deal with loneliness -- I found myself through doughnuts, barbells, and a motorcycle -- My bathroom stall moment -- How I connected back to me -- Self-care is your first date -- Running to stand still -- Pump these pistons or your life engine will not move -- Even wonder Woman has to take her bracelets off sometimes -- How to treat your mind better -- Detach to connect -- My first sweat angel -- Finding my soul while shitting in the woods -- Get off the island or you'll always be Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball -- How to make friends as an adult -- Relationship residue (letting go). Our love journey in a shot glass -- Boots and boners -- The search for love starts earlier than you think -- Tracy Chapman saved my life -- What moving on really looks like -- "My pus*y knows things" -- "My wife won't give me blow jobs anymore -- My next love experience (moving through) -- Street art, a parrot, and long hair I couldn't pull off -- Now go fuck somebody -- "I knew on my wedding day is was a mistake" -- Dating apps, DMs, and the first time I did Molly -- One of the most common mistakes in relationships -- The new you. Closure isn't what you think it is -- The dog died> I finally sat down with my ex-wife > I put my hair away -- "Do you date white girls?" -- The picket fence has splinters -- How to get a life -- Nothing wrong doesn't mean there's nothing wrong -- My first mushroom experience -- Rip up your blueprints -- Reworth yourself -- Live at a higher frequency -- It's time to believe again.
Introduction -- The self -- Relationship residue (Letting go) -- The new you -- Final thoughts: Every. Single. Day. -- Single on purpose mixtape.
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