Unspoken words / Latoya Chandler
Libro | Urban Books, LLC | 2021

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210 pages ; 18 cm.
Urban renaissance
Urban renaissance (Deer Park, N.Y.)
Unspoken Words will captivate your emotions with a journey through buried memories, painful events, and multiple tests of faith. In the end, can a legacy survive the silence? As a pastor, nothing instills more pride than seeing your child follow in your footsteps, learning to teach, believe, and abide by the Word. Pastor Dexter Lewis wants to see his legacy continue through his son, Zayvon. But what happens when the only heir to the legacy that you built is born deaf? Do you question God? Do you blame your wife? When the truth is finally discovered, Pastor Dexter Lewis's buried past surfaces. Will he accept the inevitable... or remain in denial?
9781645561859 (paperback)
1645561852 (paperback)
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