When only love remains / Robert Kugler
Libro | Four Leaf Publishing | 2018

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246 pages ; 21 cm
Avery & Angela ; book three
Kugler, Robert. Avery & Angela ; bk. 3.
"Something inside him snapped. Instead of enjoying a break from school with his girlfriend Angela, Avery is suddenly reeling from a tragic loss. With his mother gone, Avery is left on his own, and the fragile web of secrets she kept begins to unravel, leaving Avery wondering if he knew his mother at all. Avery doesn't know what to do, but that won't stop him from pretending that he does as every truth he clings to falls away and he grasps for the shattered pieces of the life he's always known. Secrets, lies, sleepwalking - this isn't how life was supposed to be. And then, there is Angela. Can her love help him find a way through his loss, his growing anger, and his mother's lies? Can he learn to accept what he cannot change? Or will it consume him?"--Back cover.
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