The strange case of Eliza Doolittle / Timothy Miller
Book | Seventh Street Books | 2021

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248 pages ; 21 cm
"Sherlock Holmes has retired to the Sussex countryside . . . that is, until a most formidable puzzle is dropped upon his doorstep by a certain Colonel Pickering. One Miss Eliza Doolittle, once nothing more than a cockney guttersnipe, has been transformed into a proper lady of London--perhaps even a duchess?--as if overnight. When Col. Pickering recovered from a bout of malaria, he was astounded at the woman before him. Is it possible this transformation is due to nothing more than elocution lessons and some splendid new hats? Or has Professor Henry Higgins surreptitiously traded one girl for another? And for God's sake, why? As the case unfolds, Holmes and Watson find themselves in ever stranger territory. Who are the four identical 'Freddies' pursuing Miss Doolittle? What part do the respected Dr. Jekyll and his malevolent associate, Mr. Hyde, long thought dead, have to play in this caper? And who the devil is the devilish Baron von Stettin?"--Provided by publisher.
9781645060215 (paperback)
1645060217 (paperback)
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