Those who are saved / Alexis Landau
Книга с большим шрифтом | Random House Large Print | 2021 | Large print edition.
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Large print edition.
549 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Physical Medium
large print.
"As a Russian Jewish émigré to France, Vera's wealth cannot protect her or her four-year-old-daughter, Lucie, once the Nazis occupy the country. Ordered to report to an internment camp, Vera has just a few hours to make an impossible choice: bring Lucie with her to the camp, or put her into hiding? Believing the war will end soon, Vera chooses to leave Lucie in safety. She cannot know that she and her husband will have an opportunity to escape, to flee to America. She cannot know that Lucie will be too far to reach in time. And so begins a heartbreaking separation and journey, a war and a continent apart. Vera's marriage will falter under the surreal sun of California. But Vera's love for Lucie and her faith that her daughter lives, will only grow. As her determination to return to France and find Lucie crystalizes, she meets Sasha, a man on his own search for meaning. Together they will search for Lucie. They will discover her fate." -- Back cover.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 539-545).
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