Your brain on facts : things you didn't know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew / Moxie LaBouche
Book | Mango Publishing Group | 2020

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235 pages ; illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 202-233) and index.
From the trivia-darling podcast of the same name, springs a book guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest brain, with science (why does mint feel cold?), history (King Charles II of Spain was so inbred, his family didn't bother educating him), medicine (two doctors tested cocaine as an anesthetic by injecting it into their spines), music (many hit songs, and even whole albums, were written for revenge), technology (the first video game, Tennis for Two, was created on an oscilloscope in 1958), art (restorers destroyed a DaVinci sketch by putting it in water and alcohol), and more.
9781642502534 (paperback)
1642502537 (paperback)
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