Piecing your heart back together : the road map to healing and thriving after a breakup or divorce / Carmen Silvestro
Book | Morgan James Publishing | 2021

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xviii, 122 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Helps women ditch obsessive thoughts and move on from their breakup or divorce. Certified life coach, Carmen Silvestro, has developed a process that helped stop endless days of consuming thoughts about her broken marriage so she could find acceptance, peace, and love. She presents her method in Piecing Your Heart Back Together to teach women how to finally break free from the deep emotional attachment to their ex. Throughout Piecing Your Heart Back Together, women also discover how to turn this devastating pain and loss into a powerful transformational journey by: Releasing pain and regret so they can stop the endless tears, Nipping any contemplation of contacting him or thinking about their ex all day long, Coming to terms with the end of their relationship, Avoiding the biggest mistakes they can make when grieving a breakup, Learning how to move on from the past and rewrite their story.
My story--endings are beginnings -- The healing process -- Soothing the loss -- Intentions--compass for life -- Acceptance -- Self-awareness--time alone a new best friend -- I forgive you and I release you -- Rewrite your story and change the paradigm -- Become inspired and inspire others -- Obstacles -- Conclusion.
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