How to be the best third wheel / Loridee De Villa.
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330 pages ; 21 cm
Includes author Q & A, ensaymada recipe, and and preview of Big boned by Jo Watson.
"After a summer spent in the Philippines with her family, Lara Dela Cruz is eager to start her senior year and reunite with her three besties. Summer is the season of change, and Lara's ready to get the lowdown on all the major updates and hot gossip she's missed. But what she doesn't expect is to find out that all three of her friends are now in relationships. As if the mushy public displays of affection and lunches spent hearing her friends gush about their new "boy-fries" weren't bad enough, Lara's long time frenemy, James, has become impossibly annoying. Sure, they are now both third wheels, but why is he asking her to tutor him in classes? And why, after they start spending more time together, does she begin to notice how cute he looks when he smiles? Fighting for the attention of her best friends, feeling confused about James, and wading through the pressures of life post-high school have Lara reeling. Now feeling like a third wheel in more ways than one, Lara must accept that change is inevitable, love is complicated, and growing up sometimes means doing what's best for yourself first"--Back cover.
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How to be the best 3rd wheel
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