Work jerks : how to cope with difficult bosses and colleagues / Louise Carnachan.
Book | She Writes Press | 2022

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x, 261 pages ; 22 cm
How to use this book -- The narcissistic jerk -- The know-it-all jerk -- The incompetent jerk -- The runaway train jerk -- The fight-or-flee jerk -- The poor me jerk -- The jokester jerk -- The we are family jerk -- The habitually annoying jerk -- When the jerk is a toxic work culture -- To see results, take action.
Louise Carnachan has helped thousands of people thrive at work by improving relationships with their colleagues; here, she provides concrete, actionable steps to deal with an array of problematic coworkers.
"If you're stressed and unhappy because of problems with a boss or colleague, you pay a price. Not only can your mental and physical health suffer, your nearest and dearest get sick of hearing about it. Going to bed angry and waking up only to dread a new workday is a terrible way to live. Remote work may have lessened the impact of annoying colleagues for a while, but they can still find ways to irritate. If you're co-located, the "mute" and "stop video" buttons don't exist to diminish your exasperation. Not all jerks are the same; the person you find to be a nightmare may be perfectly acceptable to others. And, astonishingly, someone else may even think you're the jerk! Author Louise Carnachan has the credentials and experience to make her an expert in this area, but more importantly, she's been in the trenches herself. With an emphasis on the positive actions you can take while being attentive to your specific situation, Work Jerks provides practical advice on how to deal with a variety of problematic coworkers--whether in-person or remotely--so work can stop being something you dread and start being something you enjoy." --
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