House on fire : fighting for democracy in the age of political arson / David N. Cicilline.
Book | Twelve | 2022 | First edition
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First edition
xx, 310 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Part I: conflagration -- House on fire -- The cowards' response -- The GOP origins of Trump's tribalism -- Let's all hate the government -- Now let's hate each other -- Hatred's little helpers -- The inevitable result -- Part II: the good, the bad, and the real -- Hope, but also crime -- Justice -- What do you stand for? -- The real world: Rhode Island 1986 -- Buddy returns -- Into politics. And yes, I'm "openly" gay -- Under the dome -- Beyond beanbag -- Queen for (only) a day -- Democracy delivers -- Part III: looneyville -- It's much worse under this dome -- Minority rule -- Neither symptom nor cause -- Is he worth it? -- The playing-nice impeachment -- The less nice impeachment -- Proof is not enough -- State of emergency.
"Congressman David Cicilline offers his provocative takes on Republicans, Democrats, and the world of politics in the wake of Donald Trump. The rioters were still in the Capitol, shattering the door to the House Chamber and bellowing "Hang Mike Pence," when David Cicilline, safely locked inside his office, began writing the articles of impeachment that would lead to Donald Trump's second Senate trial. He helped prosecute the case, earning admiration from his fellow progressives and a national following. But by summer he would be calling out some of those same colleagues for caving to special interests and attempting to block his plan to rein in the Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google. Beyond sounding an alarm, House on Fire identifies the key threat to our democracy--that the GOP has become a Trumpist authoritarian cult--and outlines how we fight back. A response that must include both citizen opposition and practical reforms, including an end to the Senate filibuster, discarding the Electoral College, expanding the Supreme Court, and requiring that justices adhere to a code of ethics. Cicilline actually believes in politics and the system. He used them both to deliver for the people in a once-corrupt city he ran as mayor and in Washington, where he has risen to help lead the Democratic Party in Congress. In HOUSE ON FIRE, Cicilline spares no one from criticism as he argues for a politics that produces results and warns that without it Trump, or someone worse, will take power in 2024 and make us wish for the days when the only thing we complained about was gridlock. "--Amazon.
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