The anxiety antidote : how awareness and action can lead to self-control and inner peace / Kamran Bedi.
Book | Watkins | 2022

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vi, 216 pages ; 22 cm
A new day dawns. A light bulb moment for mental health -- Life on the edge -- Self-awareness. From confusion to clarity -- Where are you in your mind? -- Breaking the cycles -- Feeling present -- Look at the big picture -- Explaining the unknown -- Change positions -- Patterns of anxiety -- What's in your mind is in your body -- Taking the outside in and experiencing the inside out -- How your thoughts are formed -- Self-action. Gather your evidence -- Remote control -- Mind mapping -- Taming the beast -- Understanding your anxious wants and needs -- Deactivate your anxiety -- The control room of your mind -- Triggered -- Becoming accountable -- New self. An eye to the future -- Updating your mindset and identity -- Coaching yourself -- Changing your view.
"The Anxiety Antidote makes understanding and dealing with anxiety easy and practical. The book offers tools and techniques that the reader can apply quickly on a daily basis, such as exercises on self-reflection, breath work, mindfulness and visualization. As a practical, "how to" self-help book, the reader will get a deeper understanding of their anxiety from a cognitive and emotional point of view, allowing them to transform their mind and emotions quickly, for the better. Taking into account our modern habits of absorbing information, the book contains "bite-sized" inspiring chapters that link to further in-depth chapters, which take the reader on a motivating journey. With leading Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Integral Eye Movement Therapy and Transformational Life Coach Kamran Bedi as your guide, gain a deeper awareness of what anxiety is, how it is formed subjectively, the physical symptoms and a set of practical tools that you can use to eradicate anxiety from your life." --Provided by Publisher.
9781786786937 (paperback)
1786786931 (paperback)
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