The alchemist of riddle & ruin : an accidental alchemist mystery.
Book | Gargoyle Girl Productions | 2022

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An accidental alchemist mystery ; $v book 6
Pandian, Gigi, ‡d 1975- ‡t Accidental alchemist ; ‡v bk. 6.
When Zoe Faust sees the ghost of a murdered young woman, is it really a spirit--or a flesh and blood woman who stopped aging because she's a fellow alchemist? Sixteen years ago, high school student Ridley Price discovered a secret she planned to reveal through a party game--but someone killed her first. The baffling crime was never solved. Zoe's friend Heather has always wondered: which of the seven guests at the party killed Ridley? When the newly-appeared ghost turns dangerous, threatening people they love, Zoe teams up with her gargoyle roommate Dorian to unmask the supposed specter.--Amazon
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