Hollowed Out : a warning about America's next generation / Jeremy S. Adams.
Book | Regnery Publishing | 2021
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213 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 185-206) and index.
A Hollow Generation -- Hollowed-Out Selves -- Hollowed-Out Culture -- Hollowed-Out Schools -- Hollowed-Out Homes -- Hollowed-Out Democracy -- Appendix: The 1776 Report.
"Do teachers have a front row seat to America's decline? Jeremy S. Adams, a teacher at both the high school and college levels, thinks so. Adams has spent decades trying to instill wisdom, ambition, and a love of learning in his students. And yet, as he notes, when teachers get together, they often share an arresting conclusion: Something has gone terribly wrong. Something essential is missing in our young people. Their curiosity seems stunted, their reason undeveloped, their values uninformed, their knowledge lacking, and most worrying of all, their humanity diminished. Digital hermits of a sort unfamiliar to an older generation, they have little interest in marriage and family. They largely dismiss -- and are shockingly ignorant of -- religion. They sneer at patriotism, sympathize with riots and vandalism, and regard American society and civilization as so radically flawed that it must be dismantled. Often friendless and depressed, they eat alone, study alone, and even 'socialize' alone. Educators like Adams see a generation slipping away. The problems that have hollowed out our young people have been festering for years. A year of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing have magnified them. The result could be a generation -- and our nation's future -- lost in a miasma of alienation and stupefaction. In his stunning new book, Hollowed Out, Jeremy S. Adams reveals why students have rejected the wisdom, culture, and institutions of Western civilization -- and what we can do to win them back. Poignant, frightening, and yet inspiring, this is a book for every parent, teacher, and patriot concerned for our young people and our country."--Dust jacket.
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