Stolen moments / Clifford "Spud" Johnson.
Libro | Urban Books | 2023

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395 pages ; 17 cm
"Razier is young, handsome, and has a severe lack of self-control when it comes to women. Even after several warnings from his loving mother about his promiscuity, he just can't help himself. Then he meets an older woman who changes his life in a way that every man dreams of. Suddenly, he has everything he's ever wanted: lots of sex, thriving businesses, a new home, a new car, and a wardrobe that would break your heart. When a past indiscretion from his time in the navy resurfaces, it puts all that he has gained at risk. Will he choose sex and money, or will he do the right thing?" -- Back cover.
9781645564232 (paperback)
1645564231 (paperback)
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