They all had a grudge : A reason. A secret. A fear. A murder / Michele Leathers.
Book | EMAR Publishing | 2022

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211 pages ; 23 cm
They all had a reason ; Book 6
Leathers, Michele. They all had a reason ; book 6.
Popular Paxton has been murdered. Her boyfriend, Lane, has been charged with the crime but his sister Layla is not beyond suspicion. Also among those who knew Paxton best are the friend she betrayed, the boy she rejected, and the girl who now wants to take her place. Though the spotlight has so far stopped on Lane, each of them had both motive and opportunity to commit the crime. Until the investigation ends and the case is closed, none of them are safe. In order to avoid becoming a suspect will they help or betray one another? Suspicions, accusations, and surprises are all in store in, They All Had A Grudge!
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