Change your diet, change your mind : a powerful plan to improve mood, overcome anxiety, and protect memory for a lifetime of optimal mental health / Georgia Ede, MD.
Book | Balance | 2024 | First edition.
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First edition.
viii, 447 pages : illustrations, map, charts ; 24 cm
"Are you struggling with attention problems, mood swings, food obsession, or depression? Whatever the issue, you have far more control over your thoughts, feelings, and behavior than you realize. Although medications may bring some relief, in [this book], Dr. Georgia Ede reveals that the most powerful way to change brain chemistry is with food, because that's where brain chemicals come from in the first place."--Dust jacket flap.
Includes bibliographical references (page 385-387, 395-435) and index.
Introduction. (Part 1: Rethinking brain food): What causes mental health problems? -- The new science of hope -- Why most nutrition guidelines are wrong -- A guided tour through your brain -- The magic of brain metabolism. (Part 2: Our descent into dietary madness): The perils of processed foods: inflammation and oxidative stress -- Metabolic mayhem: the invisible hormonal roller coaster -- Insulin resistance: your brain's silent enemy -- The promise of ketogenic diets for mental health. (Part 3: The whole truth about whole foods): Meat: the original "superfood" -- Eggs and dairy: nature's growth formulas -- Grains, beans, nuts, and seeds: consumer beware -- Fruits and vegetables: distinguishing friend from foe -- Superfoods, supplements, and the antioxidant myth -- The plant-based brain: going out on a limb. (Part 4: Hope is on the menu): The quiet diet approach -- Quiet paleo -- Quiet keto -- Quiet carnivore -- You can do it! Practical tips and FAQs -- Meal plans and recipes. Acknowledgments -- Appendix A: Recommended tests -- Appendix B: Selected resources -- Appendix C: Essential micronutrients and brain metabolism -- Notes -- Index.
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