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Drug abuse sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the abuse of cocaine, club drugs, marijuana, inhalants, heroin, hallucinogens, and other illicit substances and the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications; along with facts and statistics about drug use and addiction, treatment and recovery, drug testing, drug abuse prevention and intervention, glossaries of related terms, and directories of resources for additional help and information / edited by Laura Larsen.



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Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, Inc., [2014]


Fourth edition.
xx, 636 pages ; 24 cm.
Health Reference Series
Health reference series
Includes bibliographical references and index.
"Provides basic consumer health information about the abuse of illegal drugs and misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications, along with facts about prevention, treatment, and recovery. Includes index, glossary of related terms and directory of resources"-- Provided by publisher.
pt. I. Facts and statistics about drug abuse in the United States -- 1. Prevalence of illicit drug use and substance abuse -- 2. Injection drug use and related risk behaviors -- 3. Drug abuse and related hospitalization costs -- Substance abuse cost to society -- Drug-related hospital emergency room visits -- Increase in emergency room visits related to Ecstasy -- Death from drug overdoses -- 4. Understanding the legal use of controlled substances -- Schedule classifications for controlled substances -- Prescriptions for controlled substances -- Purchasing prescribed controlled substances over the Internet -- Is Marijuana medicine? -- Overview of the Medical Marijuana Debate -- 5. Regulations regarding controlled substances -- The Controlled Substances Act -- Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act -- 6. Substance abuse treatment statistics -- Treatment received for substance abuse -- Increase in treatment admissions for prescription pain medicine abuse -- Predictors of substance abuse treatment completion --
pt. II. Drug abuse and specific populations -- 7. Initiation of drug abuse -- Estimates of drug use initiation -- Dependence following drug use initiation -- 8. The effect of adult substance abuse on children -- Concerns about drug abuse during pregnancy -- Negative consequences of prenatal exposure to drugs -- Drug endangered children -- 9. Adolescent drug abuse -- Trends in adolescent drug abuse -- Reasons adolescents try drugs and alcohol and understanding risk factors -- Adolescents and prescription drug abuse -- Adolescent Marijuana use increases over alcohol and tobacco -- Social networking increases risk of teen drug abuse -- 10. Drug use among college students -- 11. Substance abuse issues of concern to women -- Women's and girls' use of illicit drugs -- What women need to know about date rape drugs -- 12. Drug use and socioeconomic status -- Substance use and treatment among people living in poverty -- High socioeconomic status also a risk factor for substance abuse -- 13. Substance abuse in the workplace -- 14. Drug abuse in other populations -- Veterans and drug abuse -- Inmate populations and substance abuse -- Substance use disorders in people with disabilities -- Seniors and drug abuse --
pt. III. Drugs of abuse -- 15. Anabolic steroids and related drugs used as performance enhancers -- Anabolic Steroids -- Clenbuterol -- Human Growth Hormone (hGH) -- 16. Cannabinoids -- Hashish -- Marijuana -- 17. Date rape drugs -- Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) -- Ketamine -- Rohypnol -- 18. Dissociative drugs -- Dextromethorphan (DXM) -- PCP and analogs -- Salvia Divinorum -- 19. Hallucinogenic drugs -- Introduction to hallucinogens -- 2C-I -- AMT (Spirals) -- Blue Mystic (2C-T-7) -- DMT -- Ecstasy (MDMA) -- Foxy -- LSD -- Mescaline (Peyote) -- Psilocybin -- Toonies (Nexus, 2C-B) -- 20. Inhalants -- 21. Narcotics (opioids) -- Introduction to narcotics -- Buprenorphine -- Fentanyl -- Heroin -- Hydrocodone -- Hydromorphone -- Methadone -- Oxycodone -- 22. Sedatives (depressants) -- Introduction to depressants -- Barbiturates -- Benzodiazepines -- Kava -- 23. Stimulants -- Introduction to stimulants -- Amphetamine and Methylphenidate -- BZP -- Cocaine -- Khat -- Kratom -- Methamphetamine -- 24. New and emerging drugs of abuse -- Law banning new synthetic drugs -- "Bath salts" -- Pump-it powder -- Spice/K2 --
pt. IV. The causes and consequences of drug abuse and addiction -- 25. Understanding drug abuse and addiction -- Drug addiction is a chronic disease -- Common risk and protective factors for drug use -- How drugs affect the brain -- The spectrum of substance use disorders -- 26. Polydrug use and coexisting drug and alcohol dependence -- Polydrug use -- Drug and alcohol dependence -- 27. Prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse -- Causes and prevalence of prescription drug abuse -- Boys more likely than girls to abuse over-the-counter drugs -- Misuse of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines -- Alcohol abuse makes prescription drug abuse more likely -- 28. Legal, financial, and social consequences of drug abuse -- Consequences of drug abuse -- Drugged driving -- Drug use and crime -- 29. Health consequences of drug addiction -- Poor health outcomes of commonly abused drugs -- Substance abuse and medical complications -- Long-term Marijuana use linked to lower IQ -- 30. Preventing disease in drug-abusing populations -- Drug abuse and infectious diseases -- The connection between HIV/AIDS and drug abuse -- Hepatitis infection and drug use -- Sterile syringe programs -- 31. Mental illness and addiction -- Addiction and mental health disorders -- Depression and initiation of alcohol and drug abuse in teens -- Reducing drug abuse among patients with mental illness complications -- Substance use disorder and serious psychological distress (SPD) -- 32. Substance abuse and suicide prevention --
pt. V. Drug abuse treatment and recovery -- 33. Recognizing drug use -- Signs of drug use -- Am I drug addicted? -- How to identify drug paraphernalia -- 34. First Aid for drug abuse emergencies -- 35. Drug abuse intervention -- 36. Drug abuse treatment in a health care setting -- Medical professionals need to identify substance use disorders -- Addiction treatment neglected in the health care setting -- 37. Detoxification -- 38. Treatment approaches for drug addiction -- Treatment for drug addiction overview -- Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction -- Treatment for Methamphetamine addiction -- Cocaine vaccine helps some reduce drug abuse -- 39. Supporting substance abuse recovery -- Mutual support groups -- Peer recovery support services -- Recovery services -- Recovery services for youth -- 40. Know your rights when in recovery from substance abuse -- 41. Employee assistance programs (EAPs) for substance abuse -- Employee assistance programs overview -- Employer benefits for EAPs for substance abuse -- 42. Drug abuse treatment in the Criminal Justice System -- Drug Courts -- Alternatives to incarceration for substance abuse offenders --
pt. VI. Drug abuse testing and prevention -- 43. Effective public health responses to drug abuse -- 44. Drug abuse prevention begins at home -- Talking to your child about drugs -- Parents' influence on children's and teens' drug use -- Protecting your children from prescription drugs in your home -- How to protect children from inhalant abuse -- Information for parents about Club Drugs -- Parental intervention for teenage drug abuse -- Healthy family relationship and religious involvement protect adolescents from drug use -- 45. Drug abuse testing and prevention in schools -- Drug testing in schools -- Drug use prevention education in schools -- 46. Drug testing -- Overview of drug testing -- Home use drug testing -- 47. Preventing drug abuse in the workplace -- Drug-free workplace policies -- Drug testing in the workplace -- 48. Federal drug abuse prevention campaigns --Above the influence -- Drug-free communities support program -- Prescription drug abuse prevention campaign --
pt. VII. Additional help and information -- 49. Glossary of terms related to drug abuse -- 50. Glossary of street terms for drugs of abuse -- 51. Directory of State substance abuse agencies -- 52. Directory of organizations providing information about drug abuse.
Drug abuse -- Prevention -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Drug abuse -- Treatment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Drug addiction -- Treatment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Drug abuse -- Prevention.
Drug abuse -- Treatment.
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Substance-Related Disorders -- therapy -- Resource Guides.
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