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Manual of psychiatric nursing care planning : assessment guides, diagnoses, psychopharmacology / Elizabeth M. Varcarolis.



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Varcarolis, Elizabeth M.,
St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, 2015.

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Fifth edition.
ix, 757 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
"Includes DSM-5 updates"--Cover.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 616-624) and index.
Part 1: Guidelines For Planning Psychiatric Nursing Care: -- Nursing process and assessment: standards of care -- Maximizing communication skills -- Nurse-patient relationship and guidelines for conducting a clinical interview -- Part 2: Diagnosis And Care Planning: -- Selected disorders of childhood and adolescence -- Anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders -- Stress and stress-related disorders -- Depressive disorders -- Bipolar spectrum disorders -- Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders -- Personality disorders -- Substance-related addictive disorders -- Eating disorders -- Neurocognitive disorders -- Part 3: Psychiatric Emergencies And Forensic Issues: -- Crisis intervention and rehabilitation -- Family violence -- Sexual violence -- Suicide behaviors -- Anger, aggression, and violence -- Grieving and complicated grieving -- Part 4: Challenging Behaviors: -- Manipulative behaviors -- Nonadherence to medication or treatment: implications under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- Part 5: Psychopharmacology: -- Major psychotropic interventions and patient and family teaching -- Appendix A: References -- Appendix B: Classification full assessment -- Appendix C: Assessment tools for children adolescents -- Appendix D: Assessment guides -- Appendix E: Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) -- Nursing Care Plans: -- Selected Disorders Of Childhood And Adolescence: -- Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders -- Risk for violence: self-directed or other-directed -- Defensive coping -- Impaired social interaction -- Chronic low self-esteem -- Impaired parenting -- Autism Spectrum Disorders impaired social interaction -- Impaired verbal communication -- Risk for self-mutilation -- Disturbed personal identity -- Anxiety Disorders And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: -- Anxiety -- Ineffective coping -- Deficient knowledge -- Disturbed sleep pattern -- Stress And Stress-Related Disorders: -- Post trauma syndrome -- Depressive Disorders: -- Risk for self-directed violence -- Ineffective coping -- Chronic low self-esteem -- Spiritual distress -- Impaired social interaction -- Self-care deficit -- Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: -- Risk for injury -- Risk for violence: self-directed or other-directed -- Ineffective impulse control -- Impaired social interaction -- Total self-care deficit -- Interrupted family processes -- Schizophrenia Spectrum And Other Psychotic Disorders: -- Impaired verbal communication -- Impaired social interaction -- Disturbed personal identity -- Delusions defensive coping -- Interrupted family processes -- Personality Disorders: -- Risk for self-mutilation -- Chronic low self-esteem --Impaired social interaction -- Ineffective coping -- Substance-Related Addictive Disorders: -- Substance withdrawal -- Risk for injury -- Ineffective health maintenance -- Ineffective denial -- Ineffective coping -- Eating Disorders: -- Anorexia nervosa -- Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements -- Disturbed body image -- Bulimia Nervosa risk for injury -- Powerlessness -- Neurocognitive Disorders: -- Delirium -- Acute confusion -- Dementia risk for injury -- Self-care deficit -- Impaired verbal communication -- Caregiver role strain -- Crisis Intervention And Rehabilitation: -- Acute crisis intervention ineffective coping -- Rehabilitation ineffective coping -- Family Violence: -- Risk for injury -- Ineffective role performance -- Sexual Violence: -- Rape-trauma syndrome -- Suicide Behaviors: -- Risk for suicide -- Hopelessness -- Ineffective coping -- Anger, Aggression, And Violence: -- Patients who are angry and hostile ineffective coping -- Patients who threaten harm to self or others -- Risk for other-directed violence -- Grieving And Complicated Grieving: -- Grieving -- Complicated grieving -- Manipulative Behaviors: -- Impaired social interaction -- Nonadherence To Medication Or Treatment: Implications Under The Affordable Care Act (ACA): -- Nonadherence (NANDA Noncompliance) -- Ineffective family therapeutic regimen management -- Assessment Guidelines: -- Anorexia Nervosa -- Anxiety Disorders -- Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders -- Autism Spectrum Disorder -- Bipolar Disorder, Elated phase -- Bulimia Nervosa -- Crisis -- Delirium -- Delusions -- Dementia -- Depression -- Family abuse -- Grieving and complicated grieving -- Hallucinations -- Manipulation -- Nonadherence -- Paranoia -- Personality disorders -- Pervasive Developmental Disorders -- Schizophrenias -- Sexual Assault -- Substance Abuse -- Suicide -- Violence and Aggression -- Patient And Family Teaching Boxes: -- Teaching abdominal breathing -- Script for visualizing a peaceful scene -- Brief cognitive techniques -- Though stopping : brief behavioral techniques -- Selective stress-reduction techniques -- Relapse-prevention strategies -- Patient And Family Teaching: Substance use disorder -- Do's and don'ts of helping someone recover from an eating disorder -- Home safety -- Personalized safety plan -- Patient guidelines for coping with catastrophic loss -- Patient And Family Teaching: Anxiety disorders -- Patient And Family Teaching: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors -- Patient And Family Teaching: Tricyclic antidepressants -- Patient And Family Teaching: Monoamine oxidase inhibitors -- Drugs that can interact with monoamine oxidase inhibitors -- Patient And Family Teaching: First-generation/conventional antipsychotics -- Patient And Family Teaching: Lithium.
Overview: A pocket-sized clinical companion, Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Planning, 5th Edition supplies you with the latest diagnostic information available, including the DSM-5, for accurate assessment and diagnosis of patients. It offers quick and easy access to plans of care for a range of settings including the inpatient unit, home care, or community mental health setting. Expert author Elizabeth Varcarolis, provides a clinically-based focus with the latest guidelines to psychiatric nursing care. Designed to accompany Foundations of Mental Health Nursing, this book is a perfect reference for creating care plans and for clinical use. The latest diagnoses, assessment and treatment strategies, and psychotropic drug information keep you up-to-date with the most current information. -- Care plans containing nursing diagnosis, etiology, assessment findings/diagnostic cues, outcome criteria, long- and short-term goals, and interventions and rationales offer plans of care for a wide range of psychiatric nursing diagnoses. -- A focus on clinical information furnishes you with information on providing patient care in a range of settings. -- Assessment Guides, including tables, charts, and questionnaires facilitate patient diagnosis and care. -- A chapter on Major Psychotropic Interventions and Patient and Family Teaching, in addition to the content found in each disorder chapter, helps you better understand the uses and workings of the psychotropic agents. -- Coverage of major disorders exposes you to a wide range of disorders within psychiatric nursing. -- NEW! The most recent information in the field, including the DSM-5, supplies you with the latest diagnostic information available for accurate assessment and diagnosis of patients. -- NEW! 2007 ANA Psychiatric Mental-Health Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice familiarize you with the current guidelines for the practice of psychiatric nursing. -- NEW! Updated 2012-2014NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses present information on the latest nursing diagnoses related to psychiatric nursing. -- NEW! Updated medications equip you with the latest information on medications used with psychiatric patients.
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