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Women in gaming : 100 professionals of play / written by Meagan Marie.



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Marie, Meagan,
Indianapolis, IN : DK/Prima Games, [2018]

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352 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"This insightful and celebratory book highlights women who helped to establish the video game industry, women who disrupt it, women who fight to diversify it, and young women who will someday lead it. Featuring household names and unsung heroes, each individual profiled plays an important role in the gaming industry. Some of the talented women featured in the book include: Ashly Burch, Emmy-winning writer and voice actress; Carol Shaw, early industry programmer, designer, and Industry Icon award recipient; Niamh "Chipzel" Houston, celebrated chiptune composer and performer; Ariana Green, co-founder of Couple Six, Barbados' first game studio; Anna Anthropy, prolific experimental designer and author; Amy Hennig, senior creative director and Writers Guild of America award winner; Karisma Williams, Xbox and Oculus VR senior UI/UX designer; Jenny Xu, JCSoft Inc. founder and MIT undergraduate; Perrin Kaplan, former vice-president of marketing tor Nintendo of America; Jane Ng, senior game artist at Valve."--Back cover.
Comprised of profiles, essays, "A day in the life" pieces, and quotations sections ("In their own words").
Note from the author -- Foreword / Jen MacLean -- Tutorial -- Laying the foundation & the 1970s : establishing an industry. Carol Kantor ; Evelyn Seto ; Brenda Laurel ; Sarah Hebbler: A day in the life of a Producer ; Jennell Jaquays ; Carol Shaw ; Katherine James: A day in the life of a Game Designer -- The 1980s : rising from the ashes. Rebecca Ann Heineman ; Brenda Romero ; Sophie Bécam: A day in the life of a Level Designer ; Dona Bailey ; In their own words: The influence of gender ; Essay: "Networking 101" / Sheri Graner Ray ; Rieko Kodama ; Muriel Tramis ; Samantha Wallschlaeger: A day in the life of a Game Writer ; Manami Matsumae ; Christy Marx ; Yoko Shimomura ; Simona Tassinari: A day in the life of a Programmer ; Amy Hennig ; Sheri Graner Ray
The 1990s : pixels to polygons. Tracy Fullerton ; Yujin Jung: A day in the life of a Concept Artist ; Alyssa Finley ; Jen MacLean ; In their own words: The benefits of diversity ; Essay: "Difficult Women: The Importance of Female Characters Who Go Beyond Being Strong" / Ally McLean ; Perrin Kaplan ; Daryl Hanna Tancinco: A day in the life of a 3D Environment Artist ; Kirsten Duvall ; Patricia E. Vance ; Kate Edwards ; Jodie Azhar: A day in the life of a Technical Artist ; Bonnie Ross ; Jennifer Hale ; Christa Charter ; Sarah McNeal: A day in the life of a 3D Character Artist ; Francesca Reyes ; Kiki Wolfkill ; Megan Gaiser ; In their own words: Career challenges ; Essay: "The Chainsaw Saga" / Jill Murray ; Tracy Jasperson: A day in the life of a Senior Animator ; Sze Jones ; Robin Hunicke ; Lorraine McLees ; Amrita Bharij: A day in the life of a UI/UX Designer ; Jade Raymond ; Siobhan Reddy ; Michelle Hinn ; Nikki Myers: A day in the life of an Audio Designer ; Rhianna Pratchett
The 2000s : a new century contender. Lisette Titre-Montgomery ; Stephanie Johnson ; Ammie Puckett: A day in the life of Localization ; Jane Ng ; In their own words: Learning from failure ; Essay: "NPC: On Being Unseen in the Game Dev Community" / Ari Green ; Sofia Battegazzore ; Shilpa Bhat ; Elizabeth Zelle: A day in the life of a User Research Analyst ; Jude Ower ; Reine Abbas ; Constance Steinkuehler ; Casey DeWitt: A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Manager ; Emilia Schatz ; Luna Javier ; Elizabeth LaPensée ; Jennie Nguyen: A day in the life of a Systems Administrator ; Morgan Romine ; Brie Code ; In their own words: Favorite female character ; Essay: "Creativity: Source Code for the Human Operating System" / Megan Gaiser ; Stephanie Bayer ; Debbi Colgin: A day in the life of a Customer Support Director ; Stephanie Harvey ; Marina Goncharova ; Jane McGonigal ; Anette Gonzalez: A day in the life of a Brand Manager ; Shruti Verma ; Emily Ridgway ; Chipzel ; Kim Swift ; Christina Kaiser: A day in the life of a PR Manager ; Janet Hsu ; Kellee Santiago ; Jessica Chobot ; In their own words: Inspirational women ; Essay: "How Motherhood Can Help--Not Hurt--Working Women" / Patricia E. Vance ; Anne van der Zanden: A day in the life of a Community Manager ; Shannon Symonds ; Emily Greer ; Laura Shigihara ; Dana Cowley: A day in the life of a Marketing Manager ; Giselle Rosman ; Karisma Williams ; Ashley Burch ; Monika Lee: A day in the life of Consumer Products and e-Commerce ; Anna Anthropy ; Leigh Alexander ; Jess Ong ; Katie Nelson: A day in the life of a Games Recruiter ; Thais Weiller ; In their own words: From the fans ; Essay: "Feminism: The Rules of the Game" / Muriel Tramis ; Maria Martina Santoro ; Anna Prosser ; Agnieszka Szamalek-Michalska: A day in the life of Human Resources ; Hollie Bennett ; Anita Sarkeesian
The 2010s : controversy, community, & competition. Jenny Xu ; Eloise ; Stephanie Panisello: A day in the life of a Voice-Over & Performance Capture Actress ; Gisela Vaquero ; Nidhi Ajwani ; Gwendelyn Foster ; Anna "Ant1ka" Ananikova: A day in the life of a Professional Gamer ; Ana Ribeiro ; Jennifer Scheurle ; In their own words: Affirming experiences ; Essay: "Virtual Reality: Worlds Within the Wardrobe" / Robyn Tong Gray ; Lauren Cason ; Melonie Mac: A day in the life of a Streamer & Host ; Micaela Romanini ; Regina Luki Kgatle ; Soha El-Sabaawi ; Keza MacDonald: A day in the life of a Video Game Journalist ; Indiana "Froskurinn" Black ; Laila Shabir ; Nina Freeman ; Kayse Sondreal-Nene: A day in the life of a Video Game Merchant ; Rebecca Cohen-Palacios ; Bahiyya Khan ; Ally McLean ; In their own words: Pro-tips ; Essay: "The Joy and Luck of Being a Female in the Gaming Industry" / Perrin Kaplan ; Sharyn Vlastnik: A day in the life in Video Game Retail ; Hayat Selim ; Camila Gormaz ; Gloria O'Neill ; Nourhan ElSherif ; Lisy Kane ; Essay: "Professor Oak's Age-Old Question" / Morrigan Johnen ; Sithe Ncube ; Tanya DePass ; Ari Green ; Cherry Thompson ; Meagan Byrne ; In their own words: The future -- Strategy guide.
Women video game designers -- Biography.
Women executives -- Biography.
Businesswomen -- Biography.
Video games industry -- Social aspects.
Video games -- Social aspects.
Women video gamers.
Video games industry -- Social aspects.
Women computer programmers.
Voice actors and actresses.
COMPUTERS / Programming / Games.
GAMES & ACTIVITIES / Video & Electronic.
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Women in Business.
Women video game designers.
Women executives.
Video games -- Social aspects.
Electronic games industry.
Voice actors and actresses.
Women computer programmers.
Women video gamers.
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100 professionals of play
One hundred professionals of play
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